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Bad Flight

June 26, 2010 Leave a comment

The quality of flights over the past few years have declined rapidly, almost to the point where Greyhounds seem to be a better option. If this video is any indication, then perhaps we should take cruises more often:



June 19, 2010 Leave a comment

When you install a new operating system, it will overwrite the existing one and thus make the process irreversible. VirtualBox, an aptly name free and open-source program, aims to solve this through virtualization. The process takes an operating system and installs it within the current operation system, creating a sandbox environment where one exists within the confines of the other. You may use this to try out Linux on a Windows setup, or emulate Windows software on a Linux/Mac setup. Then there’s the age old issue of getting legacy software that works only on older systems (XP comes to mind) to function on Vista/7, which can be solved by installing the older OS right inside the one you are currently using. Still, you should be aware that the proper activation key are needed to install a proprietary OS as well as a med-high end system to smooth facilitate virtulization (at least a dual-core).


June 10, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s not everyday that you get to experience an award-winning flash game, more so one that has graced the 2010 Independent Games Festival. Winner of Best Student Game, Continuity balances just the right amount of platforming with elements of puzzle-solving, notwithstanding a touch of ingenuity for that little extra something. ¬†Gameplay consist maze-like levels drawn onto a sliding puzzle, where navigation of the structures is done in an alternate realm where the player controls his/her avatar. Switching between the two allows one to overcome otherwise impossible obstacles and reach the exit, but only if the adjacent pieces match up similar to how a jigsaw works. Such a hybrid model is a rarity in the flood of generic fodders these days, though I wouldn’t be surprised if more follow in its footsteps.


June 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Enter The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, a web comic that focuses on the adsurd saga of a Doctor who is also a ninja by profession. Started in 2003 as amateur sketchs by Chris Hastings–then a college student–the comic has expanded to include more than an dozen issues, with later ones in full color as well. Add to that an equally ambiguous cast, including a gorilla and a raptor, and you have yourself an instant classic.

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