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The twist is at the end.



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Linux MultiMedia Studio–or LMMS–is a digital audio workstation that is able to create, arrange and mix music from scratch. Its principal of operations is similar to FruityLoops(now FL studio), and is readily accessible to beginners. Those of you that are new to music creation can familiarize yourself to the application by using the default preset of sound effects&loops, dragging them onto a timeline and watching it play out in a symphony of notes. As such, it bears resemblance to GarageBand on the Mac OS X and is also capable of letting the end-user bring in his/her own effects and sounds into play. For more advanced methods of creation, there’s the various editors in which you may manually sequence loops, mix effects and whatnot.

League of Legends

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One thing that always stood out for me when it comes to games is innovation, that being easier said than found in a sea of generic MMORPGs. Luckily for us, the award-winning League of Legends mixes components of both the traditional RTS and RPG games. RTS-like, as in players being placed into two opposing teams and then set on a map to destroy enemy structures and ultimately their base with the help of NPC spawns. Yet familiar to RPG fans as each player gets to control a “champion” unit that starts at lvl.1 and level up as the match progresses. This uncanny combination promotes teamwork amongst the players in order to succeed, something you don’t see much other than the trivial raid on WoW. Last but not least, thanks to the absence of permanent avatars and a balanced micro-transaction model that doesn’t hold free players at a disadvantage, anyone may play knowing that they can have fun without being belittled.

Grocery Store Wars

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Thai Fighters, engage!

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Wolfram Alpha

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As more and more innovative web engines spring up in this fast evolving age, you’re bound to get one or two that’s as unique as Wolfram Alpha. Seen as a partial competitor to Google in terms of scientific tasks, Wolfram differs by being a computational engine. In other words, where as search engines would generate results by blasting you with page after page of sites that might containing keywords in your query, Wolfram tries to intelligently compute an answer from its servers; thus removing ambiguity and the hassle of browsing in the process. Type in a mathematical equation such as x^2 – 7x + 12 = 0, and you get the correct answer straight away. Same with mortages, unit conversions and other mathematical stuff of the sort. But that’s not all, you may also use it as a simplified/table form wikipedia to check out chemistry diagrams, star charts, weather and stocks, etc.