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Fig 8

December 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Time for another flash recommendation, for this holiday season I’ve picked an interesting game called Fig 8 just for a change of pace from the usual gung-ho style shooters. In Fig 8, you take the form of a bike and cycle forward with the arrow keys in a steady pace and avoid all lines and illustrations that is present on screen. Sounds basic i know, but the soothing accordion theme in the background and relaxed gameplay is what makes this particular gem shine. There’s really just one level incorporated into the whole game that seems to never end, at least not so with my mediocre skills. In all aspects, Fig 8 resembles the game Fl0w I’ve mentioned some time ago, and lives up to its expectations of a worthy companion here in the OBTV blog postings.

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Best of Borat

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

No, it’s not a recollection of scenes from the 2006 movie that had everyone ROFL, but one of six episodes that featured Borat on the Da Ali G show. Enjoy “Guide to Britain” at your own risk and don’t be offended, because if you do it won’t make this any more amusing.

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December 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Stepping beyond the realms of a traditional desktop with wallpapers and cluttered spaces, BumpTop aims to literally take it up a notch by enabling a 3D computer interface similar to that of an actual room/desk. You can interact with your surroundings and organize files the way you would on a desk via intuitive ways such as drag&drop, mouse gestures and even physics. Spice things up with some custom themes, or pin files up to your wall as a little reminder later on are all possible within the scopes of BumpTop. Further advantages exist for touchscreen or tablet PC owners, as they can take advantage of the built-in touch navigation. All this amounts to a next-gen interface that could potentially become the next basis for all virtual desktops, thus it’d be a good choice to check it out to see what all the buzz is about.


December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Broke on cash? Well there’s always one gift that keeps going and going, at a fraction of the cost of gifts you’d normally give. One should have therefore no reason for skipping out on the holiday season due to the economy by taking an advice or two from this vintage ad.

Gizmo’s Freeware

December 2, 2009 1 comment

OBTV strives to provide its viewers with the best selection of free software since its humble beginnings, but even the best of me would say that Gizmo’s freeware is a much more comprehensive and in-depth view than what is currently offered here. For those of you who want free software to do advanced tasks the likes of ripping DVDs, tuning up your PC and the such, look for the lists over at Gizmo’s and you won’t be disappointed. Lineups include utility programs, security software, and generally things that i would never touch upon here in a blog targetted at casual audiences. Nonetheless, it’s a major plus to have such a wiki-based site to be there as a reassurance for times where you’d normally be out of luck.

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