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Double Vision

March 28, 2009 Leave a comment

doubleEver wondered what it would be like to secretly watch videos at school/work and not to get caught? Well now with double vision, you can achieve just that. This useful application allows you to browse the internet and watch videos while pretending to be working productively. The trick is in double vision’s transparency, which allows it to stack in front or the back of programs appearing semi-visible while running on your desktop without taking up extra space. Great for multi-tasking effectively as well as doing some otherwise forbidden actions in your workplace/school. With a quick combination of keystrokes, you can easily hide double vision as well as the content displayed by it, making it look like nothing had happened in case your boss/parent/teacher sneaks up on you.


Wanna learn English?

March 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Let’s face it, if you’re viewing this blog then you’re probably someone who understand english fairly well. Regardless, this advertisement should give you a perspective of what a valuable asset English is and how oblivious you can be without it.

Zoho Office Suite

March 15, 2009 4 comments

zoho_logoYou might be wondering what an oddly named logo that is, but rest assured the content that follows are nothing below the average. Launched in 2005 as an independent online office suite, Zoho now has over a dozen browser-based applications that users can access whenever and wherever there is an internet connection on their computer. It is set to compete with Microsoft Office as well as Google Docs in an all out office war, and does have its advantages over some of the more well known competitors. You can create and edit various files from MS office, OpenOffice as well making documents online from scratch and store them in the zoho servers. There are plenty of apps to sharpen your office skills, so make sure you put that word processing and presentation skills to good use.

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Play as: Sonny

March 5, 2009 2 comments

sonnytwopicturesFollowing up on the success of the popular flash RPG “Sonny”, Sonny 2 brings players much of the same gameplay mechains into the fray but with added materials. In case you haven’t played Sonny yet, let’s just say that it is arguably one of the best flash games of all time; nothing less of what you would buy to play on your PC. The player is placed in a role of a zombie, outlawed and outnumbered, fleeing the constant dangers of death that lurks in every corner. In Sonny 2, you are Sonny battling alongside your AI teammates trying to find out the wrongs of their world and the mysterious forces that turned them into the abominations they are. There are no shortages of great soundtracks and fights in this turn-based RPG, thus creating a surreal gaming experience that could be considered a breakthrough on its own.

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