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SHOUTcast Radio

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

shoutcastSHOUTcast is a free server software designed for streaming media over the internet. As it turns out, that meant no more complicated than an application to create and listen to internet radio. You’ll find thousands of radio stations which are constantly updated and improved upon by hobbyists and professionals, not to mention that they are also free of charge. This adds to the simplicity of the design when you can choose between streaming radio stations into your own media player or use the convenient shoutcast toolbar/mini-player. Rarely do any sites have such a wide variety of streaming music available to the public, so be sure to appreciate and send out a good word while you’re enjoying it.


Fly Guy

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

flyguyThis guy to my left here, known as Fly Guy in the flash game of the same name, has given me hours of amusement in which i shall pass on to others in this post. In its essence, this is no more than a little flash game to fool around with, made only exceptional by the pure simplicity and whimsical gameplay that kept me coming back despite its lack of depth. The relative short length of gameplay an average person might get out of this never bothered me, as i took notice of the calm background music track, blended with unexpected surprises from the environment that never gets tiring at all. If you’re feeling down and low, then live your life as a dude who can fly; i know i did and the smiley are the proof of that 🙂

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You’re The Man Now Dog!

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

ytmndYTMNDs, better known to the commoners as sites that mostly parodies celebrities or things of potential hilarity, has been making the internet comedy headlines for quite a while now. In a short sentence, the YTMND site allows registered users  to create portals under the sub-domain and add static or animated pictures along with audio; this would inevitably make for some wild or perhaps offensive content that are actually funny in a way. Of course, persons of great popularity like Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton are just among the bunch to spawn endless amount of related portals by eager artists, but you might also find other pop culture references in there as well. After all this, you’re sure to appreciate the amount of internet phenomenons around the web, which there are many contributed to YTMND.

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October 4, 2009 Leave a comment

wegameIt wasn’t until some time ago that video and screen capturing software elevated the consumer awareness for the ever increasing demand of  free applications. To this day, users are still struggling to find a free alternative to programs like Fraps to do basic tasks the likes of capturing their video gaming sessions. To top it one step further, WeGame does just that with it’s basic client, but also allows publishing of your very own captured videos or image. This is backed up by having one of the largest communities of gamers and multimedia enthusiasts, making this the preferred place of gathering for people wanting to share their gaming experiences. As if that wasn’t enough, a plethora of user services, including blogs and profiles that act as additional portals for social networking.