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flightgear1Flying might not be a viable leisure for most of us, in fact, only few are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the clear blue skys from above. Luckily, you too can experience the joy of flying random planes right from your home, using the FlightGear simulation software. It’s part simulation software, part PC game, with a vague line blending well into the varying concepts. Users are able to fly helicopters, fighter jets, commercial airliners and other realistic aircrafts. Well implemented cockpit controls and decent graphics makes this software non-alike in terms of comparison with other free open-sourceware. Add that with real-world airport implementations and online multiplayer, surely makes this nothing short of a superb simulator/game.



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scribdThe wikipedia of document files, scribd has revolutionized the way we share and search for study/work information online. It’s a user-powered site that hosts more than 2 million documents, ranging from all topics and all forms of writing. Visitors to the site can easily navigate and find the information they are looking for in whatever document available. ¬†User accounts are provided free of charge, and once you have done registering, you can start publishing your work in a matter of seconds. A feature unique to this service, iPaper, ¬†makes it possible to upload and convert of all types of documents (MS office, as well as PDF files) into web-accessable pages. Whether you’re looking for something to read, or to publish that essay you’ve just done, Scribd makes it possible.

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xkcdSince the dawn of the internet, comics have thrived to become one of the best past-times besides the obvious gaming and video aspects. “xkcd” did a well job of reinstating that claim, though you should probably give it a look before trusting my dear words. It is a website that hosts stick-figure comic strips created by programmer Randall Munroe. Topics ranges from romance, sarcasm, mathematics and science and also the occasional random themes. The hilarious portrayal of many real-life events and persons are perhaps one of the main reasons why this site has gotten to be so popular.

Note: some contents are not suitable for younger viewers and contains mature language. If you’re too chicken to view this, then you shouldn’t be having fun in life at all.

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