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How to do a background check online

March 30, 2008 2 comments

Ever wanted to do a background check on someone? Or maybe wanting to get their phone number without asking them? You shouldn’t been thinking of that, but that’s okay, you’ll get that urge once in a while, and so do I.

Now that you know what i’m talking about, let’s be brief and get things started. The first website i’ll be introducing is (use .ca if you live in canada). With this website you can perform basic location searches in residental areas and business regions, even finding directions with it isn’t a problem. You can also do various other things like finding people’s phone number with their names or residence, or a reverse-search the other way around. It’s great for stalking that special someone and getting their residential info, though be advised that personal information posted here are for public use only and can be outdated.

The next website i’ll talk about is USA people search, a neat little website that allows you to find a person almost instantly, while also conducting a check-up on their criminal records and background info.

Lastly, i have two things that i’d like to remind the readers. 1. This is not an complete listing of the available websites, you can search for more online. 2. I am not responsible for the consequences that may occur if you decide to use this for any wrongdoings, such as harassing people and so on.


Newgrounds: One site that you can count on

March 30, 2008 Leave a comment

newgrounds.pngYou’d be a “noob” if you haven’t heard of newgrounds. That being said, you should definitely check out newgrounds now that you know so. Unlike most gaming sites, newgrounds offers a wide selection of extras that almost make it a fully featured comic/animation site for the enjoyment of the public. Toons, music,  movies and pretty much all and any user-made content are submitted constantly for millions to rate and enjoy.  Therefore it isn’t a surprise that this website is already popular way before this post. Still, i gotta give the thumbs up for providing such a great service to fellow gamers and toon addicts! Keep up the good work guys!

What’s FWA?

March 30, 2008 Leave a comment

fwa.pngFWA (Favorite Website Awards) is a online award service showcasing various websites and other multi-media for their outstanding quality/content. While i’d have to disagree with the statement that all of the sites showcased are good, one could say for sure that most of them are useful, if not of good tastes. The content of sites displayed here are rather irrelevant to most of us since the web caters to a wide audience and would not satisify everyone’s needs. Regardless, you can be sure that eye strains over poor presentation won’t be the case here. And sometimes, in fact, more than often, you will find a site that appeals to your interests. Be it sports, games, or plain boring stuff that some might consider, if it’s showcased here, you’ll know that it might be worth the while.

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“The best page in the universe”

March 30, 2008 1 comment

George Ouzounian AKA Maddox, is what some would describe as a freelance writer. Having published the number one seller on, “The Alphabet of Manliness” is his first book into the literature field. Yet he is mostly known to be the author of the “The best page in the universe“, a website dedicated to his own opinions and views on things . His ruthless writing style, bundled by a self-centered and satirical personality makes for one hell of a read. The constant bashing of popular topics and themes would also make this a sure blockbuster if it were ever made into a film to critisize everything about pop culture.

Some would call his work “lame”, and that’s fine. Because i’m sure there is a bunch of crazed fans out there who really appreciates his sense of humor and satirism. I don’t agree on some of his things that he said, but for the most part i’d have to say that it really reaches out to the casual audience of the public. Care to contest? Sure, but not before you read a couple of his articles first.

“Food Fight”

March 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Thrashing through the garbages of the internet, i finally found something that is worthwhile to watch, and not just some jack-ass comedies. This video needs no explanation, or at least it seems. If you want to just have a good time watching a bunch of food characters beating the pulp out of each other, then watch away. But really, there is a very deep and meaningful message embedded in this video. Can you figure it out? Watch the video or click the “message” link to find out.


3 tricks to unblock sites at ease

March 26, 2008 2 comments

In this post of of an OBTV technology related topic, i’ll be informing you about how to unblock websites in schools and workplaces. I’m sure all of us have had our internet access restricted by someways in those environment, whether it’d be no youtube or facebook. Familiarize yourself with these few ingenious techniques and you’ll be surfing in your own domain in no time.

1. Use of online Anonymizers

Anonymizers are websites that allows you to surf the internet, while bypassing any filters set in your school/workplace. It is the most common and also the most effective method. Here is a few lists of anonymizers:

2. Cached pages

Most major search engines, such as google, will make regular copies, or snapshots of websites thus creating an instant copy of it. When wanting to unblock a site, simply search for it on a search engine, then choose to view the cached pages and then it will display the site as it is viewed or stored that date. Though this method doesn’t work always and images and videos will often not be displayed, it still is a sure way to visit mostly text based sites.

3. Translation websites

Translation websites such as Google translate or Babelfish can be sometimes used to bypass blocked websites as well. The trick in this is that translation websites generate a random address when translating a webpage, making it possible to be unblocked. Just make sure that the translation you selected is invalid to begin with such as translating Chinese to Spanish on an English site, otherwise you might be viewing your favorite websites in a language other than the one you intended.

These are about the three best methods to unblock a website that i’ve come across so far. Of course there are other ways, but they aren’t quite effective, so next time you’re in school or work, try out these methods and you’ll be surprised what kind of websites you can unblock (even the naughty ones! 😉

Quality games? You gotta be kidding me!

March 26, 2008 Leave a comment has been one my one favorite game sites, and i’m sure many flash game addicts share my interest as well. What makes this website special is the fact that they offers games of great qualities in a vast category of selections, including 3d, arcade, multi-player, shooters, etc. The navagation is also offered in several different languages, appealing to the worldwide audience at large. One of the other bonuses of this site includes the ability to post miniclip games right on your blog/website, so your friends and visitors can play the latest flash games without going far to visit. With several hundred games and counting, you’ll have a hard time not wanting to waste a little bit of free time on here.

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