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KompoZer is a HTML editor that utilizes WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) authoring of web pages. Originally intended as the successor to the now defunct Nvu editor, it has the potential to become an open source alternative to Adobe’s Dreamweaver. Creating your very own web page is as easy as typing up a word document, though more advanced options such as importing images are also available to the end user. Those familiar with HTML will be happy to know that you can also view&edit the source by hand if desired. Given the fact that it still has a long way to go to rival Dreamweaver, the program would make a nice addition to the amateur library of any curious web designer should you be in the market for a freebie.


The Last Stand 2

March 21, 2010 Leave a comment

So you think you got what it takes to stop an onslaught of zombies? Try your hand at this grueling take on the classic survival genre of flash games and you’ll be surprised at how it plays out. The Last Stand 2 pits the player as someone left behind in a zombie apocalypse and states a clear objective of reaching the safety of an uninfected city in 40 days. Setting up makeshift barricades, you’ll have to use quick thinking and shooting in order to defend yourself against all kinds of nasties. There’s also a bit of turn-based strategy blended in here, which calls for you to direct what available daylight time you have to search for weapons, supplies as well as survivors before the night sets in.

P.S: The link to the first game is also available in the main menu.

Comrade Squarepants

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

What would Spongebob Squarepants look like if it were adopted in China? Well, it’d look just the same except with Chinese translations, but apparently that alone wasn’t enough to deter people from making completely irrelevant parodies like the one here:


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Ninite is a service that automates software installation by bundling pre-selected programs of the user’s choice into one large installer. Currently you are only able to select from a list well-known software such as Firefox, Skype, and the like to download. Except for the most technical or diversified users, the service should be of use by saving you the hassle of downloading things like virus programs or image editors individually.