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Free file hosting

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Usually, you get what you pay for when you signed up for file hosting services. Not so with File Dropper, a site that provides hosting up to 5GB per file, all for free of course. Users simply have to upload their file with the web interface and then share the link with peers or colleagues. Now, compare that to sending files over the net as email attachments–often with arbitrary limits in the range of 25-50MB–it just makes sense to use File Dropper. Even the top dog RapidShare pale in comparison as they top out at 200MB per file for free users. I should warn you that despite all this, File Dropper is intended as a mere stop-and-go dump for files you’re confident of sharing over the net. It lacks password protection, and files may be deleted if they are inactive, which means that you should look elsewhere for a premium hosting service if you want reliability and security.



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Not available in stores.


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The GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, is a free image editor comparable often touted as a viable replacement to Photoshop. It boasts a powerful feature set that is beyond most, if not all freeware editors available to the general public at this moment. This bold claim is backed up by its immense capability such as through the use of layer editing, channel mixing and customizable brushes. Built-in filters and image creation tools are also of noteworthiness; or if you find its default selection lacking, extensions can be used to improves upon or add to the functions of GIMP. Though the absence of certain features would have some deeming the software inferior to Photoshop, its progress so far will still impress amateur artists, photographers or those in favor of open-source development in general.

Cave Story

May 1, 2010 Leave a comment

What do you get when you combine originality, high production value amongst nostalgic elements of retro gaming? There are numerous answers to that depending on the person’s tastes, but Cave Story should be undoubtedly one of the top candidates. Don’t be fooled by its small file size (measuring only a couple megabytes) and deduce that this is just another 10-minute platforming game. True, it involves 2D platforming at its core so should you take it literally, yet for a indie game the depth to it is just simply astounding. Completing the story takes a fair bit of time, and even then there’s plenty of unlockable bonuses adding to its high replay value. I could go on about how you shouldn’t give up a chance to enjoy old-school graphics and 8-bit soundtracks, but that’s for you to find out and not for me for spoil.

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