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In 1066, a game that is based on historical elements of said year, you’ll take control of the English, Viking and the Norman army in fighting their respective battles. Each have their own strength and weaknesses in the form of unique units and attributes. Battles unfold in landscape view with lanes separating units into different flanks, while a corresponding grid-based minimap is used for navigation and issuing commands to individual units. Aside from employing precise and vivid animation, the game also makes good use of storytelling and sounds to recreate the imagery of combat in those turbulent times. You may find that the reliance on certain mini-games to facilitate combat, archery and taunting to be repetitive and lame, so perhaps that it something that the creators could take into consideration when they’re doing a sequel.


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Yay! Comics!

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Adobe’s Creative Suite is where it’s at if you want to get serious about any sort of professional work in the multimedia field. For this reason, and perhaps a few others (such as piracy or greed, whichever comes first), one would find that the prohibitive cost of entry as dictated by Adobe is forcing many to look for alternatives. The Aviary suite of web-based applications is hoping to change that, at least for small-time or amateur artists, by making its offerings widely accessible and free of charge. Users of the service are able to create, edit, enhance images and audio in relative depth, employing several features found in commercial products (layer editing comes to mind). Ease of use, coupled with unrivaled accessibility, is sure to make this a crowd favorite once more apps start to take off.