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August 22, 2010 Leave a comment

ImmorTall–a short but meaningful interactive cinema–is not your average flash game slash interactive story. Guiding an estranged avatar (who is apparently an alien that crash landed on Earth), one can expect to be greeted by a family of humans and consequently the prospect of war that has plagued humanity. Of course, playing an interactive story means you’re not just progressing the plot, but also making decisions that may alter the way it concludes. It is with this that the morals and ethics start to sink in as the highlight of your journey, although the bitter sweet soundtrack and nifty artwork are also valid candidates.

P.S: there is an alternative ending, it is elusive (that’s your hint right there).


Super Kim

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

After watching Kim Jong-Il in action, I’d say this (fictional) game based on the prolific dictator may just have a chance of being the biggest hit since Super Mario Bros.

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Free classical music

August 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Classical music may have very well gone out of style for the fast evolving 21st century, but it is not without an audience. Perhaps the reason can be found in one of its contributing factors, which is the lack of proper technology to record audio until the beginning of the 20th century or so. Catalogs such as Classic Cat are helping to change to perception by categorizing free and legal recordings for mass enjoyment. While it doesn’t actually store the music on its own servers (it simply redirects you to links hosted elsewhere), Classic Cat makes up for it with perhaps the most complete index available on the net. Bach, Beethoven and Mozart are of course amongst the hundreds of composers that are listed, but you shouldn’t stop there as there are plenty of others to check out as well.

P.S: Check out as well as Wikipedia’s List of Public Domain music files for a more complete collection.