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Sydney Shark

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment

What can I say about this simple yet downright impressive game? You control a shark and wreck havoc upon the shores of lovely Sydney, Australia. That’s pretty much it aside from the massive mayhem caused your doings. Honestly, shouldn’t that alone be a reason to like this game?

If you fancy some more Shark action, check out the predecessor to this game, Miami Shark.



December 22, 2010 Leave a comment

In 1066, a game that is based on historical elements of said year, you’ll take control of the English, Viking and the Norman army in fighting their respective battles. Each have their own strength and weaknesses in the form of unique units and attributes. Battles unfold in landscape view with lanes separating units into different flanks, while a corresponding grid-based minimap is used for navigation and issuing commands to individual units. Aside from employing precise and vivid animation, the game also makes good use of storytelling and sounds to recreate the imagery of combat in those turbulent times. You may find that the reliance on certain mini-games to facilitate combat, archery and taunting to be repetitive and lame, so perhaps that it something that the creators could take into consideration when they’re doing a sequel.

The Maze

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Despite what its name may have you think, The Maze is actually a prank that’s quite famous over the net. The premise of this pretentious game is simple, you guide a dot with the mouse cursor into the exit point of a maze, avoid touching the walls or else you’ll start all over again. Difficulty wise, most people will find it to be challenging at about mid-way through level three. The catch, of course, is that the fourth and final level is designed so that it is impossible to pass. This will lead to a prank at the end just as the player is trying to guide the dot to the finishing spot. I won’t tell you what this pranks consists of, that’s something saved for yourself or those you’re trying to prank.

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October 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Having played my fair share of puzzle games, it could be said that the genre is saturated if not outright hopeless in its chances to compete with the likes of Farmville and such. I won’t say that Morningstar is any different in terms of its appeal, just that it’s the rare gem of the bunch. That’s not too difficult of a feat to confirm as skillful mastery of artwork and soundtracks are demonstrated within seconds in its 3D-animated intro. By then, you’ve just barely scraped the surface of what’s to come, for its plot and gameplay is what bestows the hallmark signature of suspense and mystery to the atmosphere/mood of the game, which then translates into an ultimately rewarding experience for the players. And as far as the difficulty goes, it’s fairly challenging, but not too arduous to overcome, at least when one could just consult the walkthrough.

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August 22, 2010 Leave a comment

ImmorTall–a short but meaningful interactive cinema–is not your average flash game slash interactive story. Guiding an estranged avatar (who is apparently an alien that crash landed on Earth), one can expect to be greeted by a family of humans and consequently the prospect of war that has plagued humanity. Of course, playing an interactive story means you’re not just progressing the plot, but also making decisions that may alter the way it concludes. It is with this that the morals and ethics start to sink in as the highlight of your journey, although the bitter sweet soundtrack and nifty artwork are also valid candidates.

P.S: there is an alternative ending, it is elusive (that’s your hint right there).

League of Legends

July 16, 2010 Leave a comment

One thing that always stood out for me when it comes to games is innovation, that being easier said than found in a sea of generic MMORPGs. Luckily for us, the award-winning League of Legends mixes components of both the traditional RTS and RPG games. RTS-like, as in players being placed into two opposing teams and then set on a map to destroy enemy structures and ultimately their base with the help of NPC spawns. Yet familiar to RPG fans as each player gets to control a “champion” unit that starts at lvl.1 and level up as the match progresses. This uncanny combination promotes teamwork amongst the players in order to succeed, something you don’t see much other than the trivial raid on WoW. Last but not least, thanks to the absence of permanent avatars and a balanced micro-transaction model that doesn’t hold free players at a disadvantage, anyone may play knowing that they can have fun without being belittled.


June 10, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s not everyday that you get to experience an award-winning flash game, more so one that has graced the 2010 Independent Games Festival. Winner of Best Student Game, Continuity balances just the right amount of platforming with elements of puzzle-solving, notwithstanding a touch of ingenuity for that little extra something. ¬†Gameplay consist maze-like levels drawn onto a sliding puzzle, where navigation of the structures is done in an alternate realm where the player controls his/her avatar. Switching between the two allows one to overcome otherwise impossible obstacles and reach the exit, but only if the adjacent pieces match up similar to how a jigsaw works. Such a hybrid model is a rarity in the flood of generic fodders these days, though I wouldn’t be surprised if more follow in its footsteps.