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Sham Wow! (Remix featured)

June 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Here’s Vince, AKA shamwow guy, doing his eccentric debut infomercial to sweep our hearts into buying his so well pictched product. Make no mistake boys, this is the *remix version* of a gem that thrusted Vince Offer into being the popular icon he is today.

P.S: I highly recommend that you watch the original in case you haven’t already been bombarded by the mass runs on TV.

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Yahoo! Answers

June 22, 2009 Leave a comment

yahooanswersThe internet sure did us a lot of good by search engines and whatnot, a concept that would be further refined in Yahoo! Answers. In this inituitive service, users are able to search databases that includes millions of questions asked by regular joes like ourselves, and all the answers that respond to it. Asking a question would almost immediately get you a response from like-minded viewers or experts in the field, whether it’d be computers or gardening. Perhaps the most appealing factor in this are the community-driven approach that has proven to be almost as effectively as the ones you see in Wikipedia. Though not always free from spam or irrevalant Q&As, the mere fact of quantity more than compensate.

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June 14, 2009 Leave a comment

glestSure there are plenty of free online games out there, but what are the chances of a RTS strategy title fitting the category? Glest, as it would seems, fills up that gap pretty nicely without being a drain in your wallet. Bearing acceptable 3D graphics, players can expect to find a wide range of units to play across the 2 default factions. And while it doesn’t stand up to the commercial titles in terms of its polish and content, the low download size and system requirements more than make up for it. As it is an open-sourced game, there are the obvious mods and custom maps for users to enjoy, further remedying the aforementioned flaws it may have.

Alternate Twilight version

June 7, 2009 2 comments

So here we are, bored and irritated by the constant scream and jitters of girls praising Twilight as the best film ever made in the history of mankind. What you don’t get is all the hype this film is getting, and neither do I. Fearing the unknown, you wish you’d seen the movie but don’t want to sit through over 100 minutes of vampire footage. This rather short and narrative version of Twilight shall satisfy just that itch, with some fun along the way.

Portable Apps

June 2, 2009 Leave a comment

portableapps.com_200Installing your favorite application on a new computer or one that you don’t normally use can be somewhat of an hassle, considering that a full pledged download and install of dozens of programs can be time consuming and arduous. With the PortableApps collection, you now have access to a truckload of 100% free and portable applications that can run from any USB on any compatible Windows/Linux computer regardless of hardware. What’s nice about this platform is the ability for the user to select which application they want to download and install to their portable drives, eliminating the ┬átideous manual install of individual portable versions. The selection of software available range from browsers, media players, anti-virus, utilities, games, etc. Whatever your needs may be, there is probably a portable app in this collection that will suit your needs on the go.