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Down for everyone or just me?

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment is a simple web service that does just one thing: check if a website is up and running. It is useful as a diagnostic tool when you think there is a problem with your internet connection causing certain websites to be blocked. Of course, you may simply phone up a peer and have him/her visit the same site and provide a second opinion, but trust me, this is is a far simpler and effective solution.

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February 6, 2010 Leave a comment

One aspect to PC gaming has always been the open source segment where many lesser projects have gained mass popularity. Not only are they free, but their co-operative nature also allows volunteers and amateur coders to join in the development effort. Wesnoth as it is called by most people, is a free turn-based strategy game created in 2003 by the current lead developer David White as one such project. Users in that sense are free to create and distribute their own add-ons; in contrast to the unorthodox restriction on modding of proprietary games. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that the game is well polished, sporting detailed 2D graphics that are nostalgic of Fire Emblem and other classic titles. Gameplay&Audio are also reminiscent of several high production value titles, making this one hard case to dismiss.

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