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Directory List & Print

March 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Sometimes, the best software is often software that does a task well enough without cumbersome obstructions and hassles. Directory List & Print is a simple program that does one thing: print off directories. In case you were confused, directories are the of folders and places that show up when navigating through your computer. Occasionally, you might find it beneficial to have a record of what’s within certain directories on a sheet of paper, and this is where the program comes in. Simply locate a directory, get a preview of what’s in it through the built-in preview panel, and off you go to printing a list of the names and basic info of the corresponding files or sub-directory.


Convert files like a pro

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

formatfactoryConverting files on your computer are known to be a mess ┬áso you can watch them on your iPod and whatnot; just one more reason to show you this gem even though you might not entirely need it. As the name suggests both in a figuratively and literal way, this software will work as any industrial factory would in terms of its capabilities and convert files such as MP3s into other similar files, which in the case of audio content would be WAV, OGG, etc. With the added ability to rip videos and music from DVDs and CDs respectively, Format Factory could be the true life saver when it comes to getting one software that just does everything it’s told to do, for free of course.