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Do more than just home movies

There comes a time when iMovie or Windows Movie Maker just won’t make the cut, and when that happens you’ll probably be relieved to know that there is Avidemux for the more complicated tasks. Built from the ground up as a free and open-source project, Avidemux trades usability for functionality, making up for what would normally be lacking in an amateur-oriented editor such as iMovie. Tasks that range from extracting an audio track from a video source, transcoding a clip (converting formats or compression methods), or removing black bars via the crop filter are all easily within the scope of this program. While it lacks polish and the subsequent user friendliness, Avidemux does give amateurs or those on a tight budget a taste of what’s to be found in proprietary editors without the hefty price tag (think Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas), and for some that might just be enough.

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