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Play as: Sonny

sonnytwopicturesFollowing up on the success of the popular flash RPG “Sonny”, Sonny 2 brings players much of the same gameplay mechains into the fray but with added materials. In case you haven’t played Sonny yet, let’s just say that it is arguably one of the best flash games of all time; nothing less of what you would buy to play on your PC. The player is placed in a role of a zombie, outlawed and outnumbered, fleeing the constant dangers of death that lurks in every corner. In Sonny 2, you are Sonny battling alongside your AI teammates trying to find out the wrongs of their world and the mysterious forces that turned them into the abominations they are. There are no shortages of great soundtracks and fights in this turn-based RPG, thus creating a surreal gaming experience that could be considered a breakthrough on its own.

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