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Get your own personalized webpage

Personalized webpages aren’t news to anyone these days, with the services provided online such as iGoogle, you can pretty much customize anything on your webpage as you like. Poodwaddle takes a different approach to that, and one thing that it stands out from rest of the guys is that it allows you to customize your homepage with a variety of different search engines, whether it’s amazon, google, eBay or anything popular that you can think of. Besides that, poodwaddle offers a sizable selection of mini-games and gadgets that you can use/play with online, and even add them into your page if desired. You have your basic calculator and other neat little gadgets, but what really amazes me is that there is no restrction on how you can use them. The programs provided on the site are all completely free to use on any other webpages that you own, making it extremely versatile and useful in many ways.

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