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Blast some heads with AA

America’s Army is an online first person shooter game developed by the United States Army. Based upon the popular game counter-strike, it shares some of the features and the gameplay style as the rest of the bunch, but there is still enough distinction to seperate it from the seemingly endless hordes of FPS shooters. As you might predict from the picture in this post, this is a traditional military shooter, meaning it depicts a specific organized army (the U.S army in this case), and make it into a fictional game where the player can experience simulated combat in the role of an U.S army soldier. The graphics in this game aren’t top-notch, as least from what i’ve seen elsewhere lately. Besides that, the soundwork in this game is pretty decent, at least to a level where it won’t ruin any of your fun. But the real fun is the gameplay itself, and if you’re a hardcore shooter fan, you’ll probably enjoy this.

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