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3 tricks to unblock sites at ease

In this post of of an OBTV technology related topic, i’ll be informing you about how to unblock websites in schools and workplaces. I’m sure all of us have had our internet access restricted by someways in those environment, whether it’d be no youtube or facebook. Familiarize yourself with these few ingenious techniques and you’ll be surfing in your own domain in no time.

1. Use of online Anonymizers

Anonymizers are websites that allows you to surf the internet, while bypassing any filters set in your school/workplace. It is the most common and also the most effective method. Here is a few lists of anonymizers:



2. Cached pages

Most major search engines, such as google, will make regular copies, or snapshots of websites thus creating an instant copy of it. When wanting to unblock a site, simply search for it on a search engine, then choose to view the cached pages and then it will display the site as it is viewed or stored that date. Though this method doesn’t work always and images and videos will often not be displayed, it still is a sure way to visit mostly text based sites.

3. Translation websites

Translation websites such as Google translate or Babelfish can be sometimes used to bypass blocked websites as well. The trick in this is that translation websites generate a random address when translating a webpage, making it possible to be unblocked. Just make sure that the translation you selected is invalid to begin with such as translating Chinese to Spanish on an English site, otherwise you might be viewing your favorite websites in a language other than the one you intended.

These are about the three best methods to unblock a website that i’ve come across so far. Of course there are other ways, but they aren’t quite effective, so next time you’re in school or work, try out these methods and you’ll be surprised what kind of websites you can unblock (even the naughty ones! 😉

  1. Stephen LaFond
    April 2, 2008 at 8:58 am

    Check out http://www.proxylord.com to access blocked web sites. It is very fast and secure. Works on Youtube also!

  2. December 13, 2009 at 4:51 am

    Truthful words, some true words dude. Thanks for making my day!!

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